The Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT) is proud to offer its Members an opportunity for a big safety win for the third year in a row. The past two years have been exciting as we received a tremendous response from our Members. We hope to receive a record number of grant applications this year. Earlier this year, TNRMT proudly provided more than $125,000 in the form of safety grants to our Members.

Now that we’ve seen the positive effects of safety grants, TNRMT wants to grow that energy and establish new, creative ideas. We encourage new participants and last year’s participants alike to apply. First, look at your facilities and grounds to determine if they can be made safer for your employees. Next, ask yourself if this grant could help, while keeping in mind that the grant is an employee safety grant and not a security grant. Our goal is to be a financial partner to aid our Members in promoting a positive change in safety. Here at TNRMT, we love people, we love safety, and the mere thought that we can give a little back to prevent even one injury is worth every penny.

Remember, we invite all Members large and small to participate. The better the idea, the greater the chance of award. We want creativity! Safety has the tendency to become stale, and fresh ideas and creative minds prevent this from occurring. Lives are affected every day from inattention to the “little things”. Think safety and health in everything, every day.

At TNRMT we consider our Members our family and together we all win!

The grant application will become available on October 1, 2019, at

Chris Stites
Safety Engineering and Claims Management

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