2024 Safety Grant Newsletter

The Dates for the TNRMT Safety Grant Applications have changed: (July- September)

The Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT) is once again offering safety grants to qualifying TNRMT members. Since the inception of this program, TNRMT has provided over a million dollars in safety grants to our members. This year, the amount awarded will depend on the number of MEMBER applications received. In 2023, TNRMT granted safety funds to 36 members, and we hope to receive applications from every member this year.

We encourage everyone to submit innovative ideas for enhancing workplace safety. Consider how your workplace can be made safer for employees, and whether this grant could contribute to that goal. It’s important to note that this grant is specifically for employee safety, not security. We aim to support positive change as a financial partner, and the opportunity to prevent even one injury makes it worthwhile.

The quality of the proposed safety initiative significantly impacts the chances of receiving an award. Remember, even seemingly small safety measures matter—attention to detail can prevent accidents. At TNRMT, we view our members as family, and together, we all benefit.

The two-page grant application will be available starting July 1, 2024, on the TNRMT website: TNRMT Safety Grant Application

Chris Stites

Jason Baggett

Mark Bilyeu