What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

There are several key differences that set the Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT) apart from both traditional insurance companies and other insurance pools.

We were founded under regulations of the Tennessee Tort Liability Act, and therefore provide coverages in accordance to the Act.

We are a member owned Pool. When your entity participates in the coverages provided by TNRMT, your entity is a member and thus a partial owner of the Trust.

We are governed by a Board of Trustees, elected by its membership, from its membership.

Members are not required to bid for insurance coverages offered by TNRMT. TCA 29-20-407 was created for governmental entities that wish to take advantage of a collective bargaining agreement. When your entity participates in the TNRMT pool, you are taking advantage of a collective bargaining agreement.

We lobby to maintain reasonable tort limits. Changes in tort limits directly affect your entity’s financial exposure, and we fight to keep responsible limits.

Our tradition of providing the most comprehensive coverages, effective customer service, and stable, affordable pricing is not only long-standing, but is backed by a large membership.

Our financial strength is verified by recognized industry experts providing actuarial services, audit services, and reinsurance services. We maintain recognition as a financially sound and professionally managed organization.

The rates used for our underwriting process are based on the pool’s membership. Because we only cover Tennessee’s public entities, our rates are not influenced by commercial industry standards, which are subject to a large range of influences across differing sectors and in differing cost areas.

We employ expert loss control consultants. Our loss control staff provides loss analysis, annual surveys, and on-site and regional training on a variety of subject matters. In addition, our loss control staff will focus on risk mitigation by making specific recommendations that enhance your entity’s risk management efforts.

We maintain a highly professional panel of lawyers and legal experts, well versed in areas of law that affect Tennessee’s public entities. If the need arises, TNRMT will provide legal assistance and consultation to our members with focus on reducing the number of lawsuits and/or claims, as well as the acceleration of settlements and resolutions to lawsuits.

TNRMT provides each member with a panel of independent doctors for each member’s workers’ compensation needs. Doctors are selected from member input, adjuster input, and past experiences with each doctor in order to provide the best possible care for your employees.

The claims staff employed by TNRMT are highly competent, highly trained, and highly experienced. Each claims adjuster takes ownership of their assigned claim and navigates the process from start to finish in a timely manner.