2023 Safety Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 Safety Grant Recipients!

The Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT) Trustees have approved 36 applications, issuing grants totaling over $288,000. These grants are specifically aimed at enhancing employee safety and positively impacting Workers’ Compensation frequency. Let’s delve into the details:

  1. Purpose of the Grants:
    • TNRMT’s primary goal is to proactively enhance safety by providing financial opportunities to address hazardous conditions.
    • The intention is to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries by fostering a strong safety culture.
  2. Highlighted Grant Approvals:
    • EMS Lifting Equipment: Ensuring safe lifting practices for emergency medical services.
    • Paint Booth: Enhancing safety in painting processes.
    • Fireproof Storage: Minimization of explosive hazards
    • Trench Boxes: Enhancing safety during excavation work.
    • CDL Testing: Ensuring safe commercial driver licensing.
    • Turnout Gear: Providing essential protective gear for firefighters.
  3. Beneficiaries:
    • These grants directly benefit the well-being of TNRMT members and their staff.
    • Recipients include:
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Delivery of Funds:

    • The TNRMT loss control department will be delivering checks to the grant recipients.

Your TNRMT Safety Team:

Chris Stites     615 289-4101

Mark Bilyeu    615 210-7827

Jason Baggett   865 228-8835