At our latest board meeting, TNRMT Administrator Dr. Phillip Wallace and former TNRMT Administrator Dr. Dan Tollett honored three of TNRMT’s long-standing trustees.

Mrs. Dawn Robinson, the Chair of the TNRMT Board (Cleveland City Schools, District 3) began serving on the board in 1997.

Mr. David Jones with Hancock County Schools (District 2) began as a Trustee in 1987. After a five-year break, Mr. Jones returned to the TNRMT Board in 1998 and has continued to serve since. Hancock County Schools is a founding member of TNRMT.

Dr. Tony Tucker of South Carroll County Special School District (District 8) began serving on the TNRMT Board of Trustees in 1996. In 2012, Dr. Tucker returned after taking a three-year break and has continued to serve to the present day.

Each of these three board members have, at one time or another, served as Chairman of the Board. We appreciate the long-standing and dedicated service demonstrated by Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Jones, and Dr. Tucker.

Kyle Greenup
NGU Risk Management

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