Recent events and requests for claims and administrative information have created a need for TNRMT to, again, inform our members of our policy on open records.

TNRMT does not offer any sensitive or confidential information regarding our members or their pending or past claims directly to requesting parties. Any such information should be requested directly from our member as allowed and required by law. If you do not have such information or cannot find information that may be in our files, you may request such information from us at any time.

ANY relative information we possess belongs to our members and is available to the member involved at any time. We will quickly respond as always.

Be aware that some information may be deemed confidential or proprietary by various aspects of the Tennessee open records statutes while other information such as that protected by attorney/client privilege or working papers may not be available for those reasons.

It is also possible that some information you may obtain from us has been either sealed or held as confidential by State or Federal courts. Although this information is always available to you, it is your responsibility to maintain its confidentiality after you receive it to avoid sanctions by the jurisdiction involved.

If there is any question regarding whether certain information is subject to open records laws, you are encouraged to contact your attorney before disseminating questionable information.

We encourage you also to maintain a file of both confidential and non-confidential claims and settlement information for public review if such information is requested under applicable open records laws. If this information cannot be located in your files, we will be happy to assist. Such records are now, and always have been available to you upon request. It is then your responsibility and that of your legal advisors to decide as to whether it may be disseminated.

-Dr. Phillip Wallace

Dr. Wallace’s original letter can be found at this link:

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