The February and May 2021 meetings of the TNRMT Board of Trustees marked another milestone in TNRMT’s rich history of meeting the risk management needs of its members. In his Administrator’s Report during the February meeting, Dr. Phillip Wallace announced his retirement as of October 31, 2021, citing his generous offer to be available while TNRMT sought his replacement. (More on Dr. Wallace later)

The Board of Trustees chose Dr. Tony Tucker To fill the position of Trust Administrator upon Dr. Wallace’s retirement. He will take the helm effective July 1st, while Dr. Wallace will be available to assist until the end of October, to assure a smooth transition.

Dr. Tucker is no stranger to TNRMT. Prior to his retirement as Director of Schools in South Carroll Special Schools, he served as a TNRMT Trustee for 23 years as both a school director and board member. While a Trustee, Dr. Tucker held positions of board chairman and vice-chairman during both challenging and successful times. In the words of TNRMT Chairman Dawn Robinson, “We are fortunate to have a candidate with this much relative experience to take over this position”. “His background will assure a smooth and swift transition”. Mr. David Jones, TNRMT Board Member, had this to say, “I enjoyed my time on the board with Tony. I am looking forward to serving with him as our Administrator”.

Dr. Tucker is a pharmacist by trade and owned City Drug (Huntingdon, TN) with his brother. He began his work for Tennessee schools in 1990, serving the Huntingdon Special School District. Over the years, his interest in public education grew. After years of service, he became Director of South Carroll Special Schools and served in that position until his retirement in 2020. Since TNRMT bylaws require Trustees to be active local government officials and members in TNRMT, Dr. Tucker’s tenure on the Board of Trustees ended upon his retirement from South Carroll Schools. Since his retirement, Dr. Tucker has maintained his interest in public education by working with Tennessee Department of Education programs as well as promoting TNRMT when the opportunity arose.

Dr. Tucker is a welcome addition to the TNRMT family. We look forward to continuing our 23-year relationship with Dr. Tucker as we provide the absolute best risk management program for Tennessee governmental entities.


John Evans
NGU Risk Management

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