TNRMT recognizes that safety awareness and training are vital components of any effective safety program. Our loss control staff is dedicated to working with you in any way possible to make your workplaces and workdays safer and more productive.

To enhance our TNRMT Members’ safety efforts, we are proud to announce our Safety Grant Program.

We are currently making available a total of $20,000 annually to our TNRMT Members for these grants. Your request may be for any amount up to $20,000.

Requirements to qualify for a safety grant:

Complete a Safety Grant Application
Member must have a designated Safety Coordinator
Member of TNRMT in good standing for a minimum of 4 years
Every application received by TNRMT will be reviewed and maintained for one fiscal year. A new application must be submitted each year. Applications may only include one project. Applicants may complete and submit multiple applications.

Grants may be submitted for the purchase of a safety related item, physical improvements to your building or grounds, or safety training of employees. Other safety ideas will be considered as well, if submitted.

Applications may be submitted: Through December 31, 2017

Applications will be reviewed: First Quarter 2018

You will be notified of approval: May, 2018

Determination of Approval

Following are the decision-making criteria to receive a grant for your entity.

Grant requests must have a direct impact on employee safety or reduction of liability exposures
Sustainable – Must further a risk management objective
You can use this application to apply for the grant.

For further information, contact Chris Stites:

Chris Stites
Safety Engineering and Claims Management

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