April, 2018
As we’re sure you know, the tragedy that hit the Nashville community early last Sunday morning at an area Waffle House has rippled through the community and will have lasting implications. More important than any societal changes, are the lives and well-being of the individuals present at the time and their family members dealing with the fallout of the tragedy.

What you may not know is how close to home this tragedy hit the TNRMT staff. Sharita Henderson, daughter of long time employee and friend Harrold Henderson was among the injured. As TNRMT members, many of you have worked with Harrold over the years and know firsthand what a kind-hearted person he is.

Sharita was shot multiple times and has since had multiple surgeries, with more scheduled even today. She is in stable condition now but has a long road to recovery ahead. Unfortunately, the friend that Sharita was with at the time was shot and killed.

With the family’s permission, a GoFundMe has been started to aid with medical and associated expenses. Should you choose to donate, rest assured that 100% of all donations go directly to the Henderson family during this time of need. A link to the GoFundMe is below:

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