We have recognized a significant change in leadership within the ranks of our members and wish to ensure you are aware of all the loss control benefits TNRMT provides at no cost to our members.

TNRMT can work with you to identify and reduce risks to lower employee injuries. Our loss control capabilities focus around two main efforts – training of all employees and consultant services to identify risks. Our staff risk control consultants will work with management to minimize the potential for accidents, injuries, and property losses. We can assess physical locations and observe employees engaged in work to identify hazards and make recommendations to address them.

Below is a bullet list of a few of the services provided to you as a member.

Annual Safety Grant Program- October through December each year provided to make funding available to create a safer work environment where funding may not be otherwise available
STOP IT anti-bullying application- provided at a discount as a TNRMT member
Cyber Security Training and Assistance-on-site or virtual broad-based training, ‘scorecards’ available upon request
Focus on operations with an understanding of exposures- Our members share similar exposures as a result we can share someone else’s successful safety issue or initiative
Analyze losses, trends and minimize future losses- we have historical data for you the individual member and in the aggregate for all TNRMT members
On-site recommendations for risk improvement- we prefer spending time at your location with you to understand your needs
Boiler Inspections-performed on-site as per state guidelines
Assist in the development of safety programs- no need to re-create the wheel, but it is vitally important it be reflective of your facilities
Provide employee and management training- scheduled at your convenience from basic principles such as heavy lifting and lock-out-tag-out to cyber security and sexual harassment
Specialized skills in Ergonomics, Occupational Health, or other services addressing opportunities for improvements and reduced injuries
We can provide consultative services to assist in the control of work-related injuries, ergonomics, fleet safety, liability loss control, construction safety, safety training and program development. Hope to hear from you soon!


Chris Stites
Middle TN

Mark Bilyeu
West TN

Jason Baggett
East TN

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