Many of you have been approached by several vendors or contractors asking you to allow them to assist you in an emergency response plan in the event of fire or water damage. Usually, these vendors offer to provide this service at no cost. While it is an excellent idea to have a plan in the event of such emergencies, it is also important to understand that these “free” plans establish procedures as to who to call to do the remediation on an emergency basis.

Your facilities are covered by Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT), who covers all risks of loss to your facilities. In the event of a wind, fire, water damage or other covered loss, the first number you call for assistance in the clean-up and rebuilding of your facility should be TNRMT’s 24-hour hotline at 615-218-9848 or toll-free at 888 743-7336. Your TNRMT claims professionals have handled thousands of property damage losses to local government property in Tennessee over the past 28 years. TNRMT has standing agreements with the appropriate remediation professionals in your area and will mobilize them at once to resolve the problem.

Remediation/restoration vendors can be invaluable in helping you to minimize your damages and protect otherwise undamaged property. The claims professionals at TNRMT will help you to assess the need, extent and duration of their involvement in an effort to most economically and efficiently address your particular claim. It is likely we will seek and appreciate your referral of a local vendor, particularly on a relatively small loss. Consulting with TNRMT on the front end will assure smooth claims processing and swift payment and resolution of the claim.

Again, emergency plans are a great idea. TNRMT loss control specialists have been assisting our members in developing these plans for years. If you would like to establish such a plan, please get in touch with one of our specialists by accessing the TNRMT website, the SEC website or by calling 865 850-4995 for Jason Baggett if you are located in East Tennessee, or 615 826-4274 for Mark Bilyeu and Chris Stites for Middle and West Tennessee.

If you already have such an emergency plan, we recommend you put TNRMT’s phone # at the top of the list. It should be the first one you call to report the loss to be assured that a quality remediation specialist is immediately dispatched and that the resulting costs will be paid by TNRMT for covered losses.

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