July, 2017
It is well known that much of Tennessee lies in the total solar eclipse path which will take place on August 21.

At TNRMT we recognize that you wish to take advantage of this rare educational experience.

We offer the following comments and links to assist you in assuring the safety of your students and faculty, while minimizing any potential liability exposure:

Your students and their parents should be advised of your eclipse viewing plans in advance, perhaps giving parents an opportunity to withhold their students from the activity if they should so choose.

The eclipse can be viewed indirectly or with proper eye protection, the eclipse can be viewed directly as well. Special purpose solar filters, or “eclipse glasses” are available now which meet USO12312-2 international standards. Typical welders glass is unacceptable-only welders glass that is # 14 or darker provides adequate protection. Most welders hoods are not that dark.

You may use a parent letter and release such as TOSS has recently issued (see link) or something similar. Your students should be provided with clear instructions, closely supervised and constantly monitored with zero tolerance for disregarding your instructions as well as those provided by the manufacturer of the safe viewing devices.

Some websites that offer information that you may find useful:

If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Tom Montgomery
NGU Risk Management

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