August, 2019
The modern workplace is full of digitally connected devices, and new cyber security threats emerge every day. These threats evolve while targeting not only devices, but we humans as well. Devices can be secured with sophisticated software, but people rely on knowledge to combat cyber threats. Personnel, particularly those that handle sensitive data, must remain educated and vigilant. The public sector is a frequent target of cyber-attacks – in 2018 it is estimated that between 16-18% of all cyber-attacks targeted the public sector. Recognizing these unique threats, TNRMT is excited to offer Cyber Security Awareness training for Members.

Today’s workplace demands that everyone at all levels take part in cyber security. Targeted attacks mean that anyone could be the ‘weak link’ in the security chain. TNRMT’s Cyber Security Awareness training educates on the types of cyber threats that target people, such as phishing attempts and social engineering. The training will discuss the potential impact of those threats and teach techniques to identify threats, ultimately protecting your organization and personnel.

Training is free to TNRMT Members. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

To inquire about or to schedule training, please contact your TNRMT safety representative:

Chris Stites
Middle TN

Mark Bilyeu
West TN

Jason Baggett
East TN
Kyle Greenup
NGU Risk Management

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