In this special issue of InTrust, we’d like to call attention to a long-time employee, Alice Carnahan. Alice celebrates her Silver Anniversary (25 years) with TNRMT.

Alice Carnahan serves as TNRMT’s Finance Specialist. She’s responsible for all things finance, such as ensuring the Trust’s funds are properly deposited, ensuring that bills are on time, that billing is accurate, that vendor transactions are coordinated, and and serves as TNRMT event planner, as she schedules TNRMT board meetings and other outings. Yet, her duties do not end there. In fact, if you ask her co-workers what Alice does day-to-day, you’d definitely hear things like “Alice? Everything.”, “What can’t she handle and what doesn’t she do?”, or perhaps “The office would not run without Alice Carnahan.” Her colleagues and co-workers have this to say about Alice:

“Alice is like the glue that holds the family together, we wouldn’t know what to do without her. She is a pleasure to know and work with and we are very fortunate to have her around for all these years. Congratulations Alice!” – Shannon Bernhart, Claims Representative

“Alice is a great friend and co-worker. I admire her ability to keep all of us in line.” – Dawn Wiles, WC Claims Supervisor

“Alice is my go-to-person. She is always helpful.” – Connie Pack, Claims Representative

“Alice is one of the most caring and conscientious people I know. She cares very deeply about the trust.” – Tom Stanley, P&C Claims Supervisor

“Alice is a special person with many talents! With her 25 years of service at TNRMT she has acquired a multitude of knowledge and is able to help in most, if not all, areas of the company’s daily functions. She is always there to help with any situation with a cheerful heart and quick response. All the people that have had the privilege to know and work with her have been blessed by her work ethics, dependability and willingness to go the extra mile. We salute you for this mile stone of steadiness and faithful service.” – Joan Peace, NGU Risk Management

“Alice is the most conscientious and smart person I have ever worked with! The Trust is very lucky to have her involved with its operations.” – Tom Mears, Chief Financial Officer

“One of my favorite people to work with. It’s always a pleasure to work with somebody so dedicated, organized, focused, and skilled. Happy 25th, Alice!” – Kyle Greenup, NGU Risk Management

“Ms. Alice welcomed me aboard a year ago making me feel at home with the company. She takes pride and dedication in her work. She keeps each one of us on track and always willing to help. The dedication she puts forth after 25 years shows true passion.” – Laura Mayberry, Senior Claims Representative

“Speaking as the Administrator of the Trust it is a great privilege to have an association with Alice Carnahan. She is one of the most conscientious and dedicated employees I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Happy Silver Anniversary!” – Dr. Phillip Wallace, Trust Administrator

“Alice is steadfast, hard-working and intelligent. She has seen the Trust grow and evolve while gaining the respect of every single Administrator and Trustee who has crossed her path in 25 years. She is the ultimate professional. I would like to thank her for 25 years and look forward to working with her in the future. Thanks, Alice!” – Dawn Robinson, Chairman of the TNRMT Board of Trustees

Alice, you are a true treasure. TNRMT is very lucky to have you in the family.

Kyle Greenup
NGU Risk Management

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