You Can’t Ignore Cybersecurity

October, 2020
The fall is coming and for many of us that means bonfires in the cool, crisp weather. Flannel shirts and warm hoodies. Beautiful foliage. Football games. Pumpkin spice… everything (if you’re into that!). There are so many aspects of life that are seasonal. And that’s great because seasons help break up routines that could otherwise become monotonous.

There are of course aspects and routines that simply cannot be addressed or exercised only on occasion. Your concern over the state of your security posture should not be a seasonal concern. It should not be a monthly concern; it should not be a weekly concern. Daily vigilance is required to ensure a strong security posture, no matter the size of your organization.

If you’ve not already, please take time to read and implement the cyber security basics addressed in this Ransomware Article: If you’ve already addressed the topics in the article, remember that the landscape is ever-changing, requiring constant review of your security posture.

Kyle Greenup
NGU Risk Management