TNRMT to Deploy New Online Reporting


NGU, SEC, and TNRMT have been working with our claims system vendor to update our online reporting system.

Currently, the claims reporting system is dependent on Microsoft Silverlight, which in turn is dependent on Internet Explorer. With the new reporting system, these dependencies will be eliminated. You’ll be able to use any browser you prefer when using the new reporting system.

On Monday, 9/17/18 we will deploy the new system. We’ll have instructions on the applicable websites. We also have instructions in PDF form. If you wish, you may begin using the reporting system immediately by navigating directly to the reporting site specified in the instructions. Take note that the login credentials have slightly changed for the new reporting system.

Please make the appropriate staff members aware of this change! We’ll keep the old reporting system active for some time, but our goal is for all members to use the new reporting system.

If you experience trouble with the new reporting system, please contact me by phone or email (below).

Kyle Greenup
NGU Risk Management