Harrold Henderson’s 20th Anniversary


September 2019 marked Harrold Henderson’s 20th Anniversary with the Tennessee Risk Management Trust.

Harrolds’ co-workers had a few kind words to share:

“I have had experience with Harrold as a customer. I always received service that met my expectations and many times exceeded what I had expected. I am now working with Harrold and I know he cherishes each of our members and tries each day to provide them with the very best service and advise possible.” -Dr. Phillip Wallace, TNRMT Administrator

“Harrold is a good friend who always has a positive attitude and provides encouragement.” -Dawn Wiles, WC Supervisor

“When coming on board at TNRMT, Harold made me feel like family. He always encourages you to have goals and challenges you to achieve them.” -Laura Mayberry, Senior WC Claims Representative

Kyle Greenup
NGU Risk Management