All of us at TNRMT and NGU Risk Management were proud to bring cyber coverage to all TNRMT members as early as July of 2011. Over the years this coverage has evolved greatly as it was then in it’s infancy. Coverage verbiage, limits and loss control services have changed over the years as the market has kept up with developments in technology and cyber events such as the recent data breach at Equifax.

We are aware that many of our members have been approached recently to buy individual cyber coverages and services.

We provide the following TNRMT coverage summary to allow you to compare TNRMT coverage to what else you may be asked to consider:

TNRMT provides all members a $1,000,000 Per Member occurrence cyber limit. This line of coverage carries a $1,000 per occurrence deductible.

The following coverages are included:

Website Publishing Liability
Security Breach Liability (includes Regulatory fines/penalties and PCI fines)
Replacement /Restoration of Electronic Data
Cyber Extortion Threats
Business Income /Extra Expense
Security Breach Expense
Public Relations Expense
In conjunction with Great American Insurance Company, TNRMT has partnered with CyberScout to provide the following Breach Response Services and Resources Services in addition to the insurance coverage above:

Breach consulting
Crisis Management
Notification Assistance
Remediation Planning
Evidentiary Support
All TNRMT members have access to CyberScouts’ informational portal as well as their Data Risk compass, an online cyber risk assessment tool for clients.

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Input user name: greatamerican
Input password: GA4br#0519
After login, you will be able to setup your own User ID and Password. Please email Kyle Greenup at for a unique Agency/Policy number.
In the event of a cyber breach or ransom demand, please contact us immediately:


Tom Montgomery,, 615.714.2605
Tom Stanley,, 615.970.9537
Kyle Greenup,, 615.822.5454

For further information, contact Tom Montgomery, NGU Risk Management.

Tom Montgomery
NGU Risk Management

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