Diane Stinson

Diane Stinson

Finance Specialist
(615) 651-8625 x238

With over 35 years of financial expertise honed at the Tennessee Supreme Court, Diane Stinson brings a keen eye for accuracy, process optimization, and compassionate service to TNRMT’s finance department.

During her 31-year tenure in the Supreme Court’s Finance Division before joining TNRMT in late 2020, Diane cultivated a reputation for meticulous problem-solving abilities and an unmatched commitment to understanding every facet of complex financial matters. These skills, combined with her deep experience managing governmental finances, made her the ideal candidate for TNRMT’s Finance Specialist role.

Diane’s diligence ensures TNRMT’s financial processes run smoothly and precisely, while her patient, caring approach provides members with the attentive service they deserve. Her ability to interpret and navigate complex financial data allows her to effectively safeguard the Trust’s fiscal standing.

Outside of safeguarding TNRMT’s financial health, Diane is a lifelong Sumner County resident passionate about balancing her professional life with personal fulfillment. An active church member, she finds joy teaching children’s classes and tending to her home garden and free-range chickens. Diane is also an avid traveler, often exploring new destinations with her husband of over 35 years.

“TNRMT’s mission deeply resonates with me,” Diane says. “Protecting the individuals and institutions that uplift our communities through sound risk management is a profound responsibility I’m honored to uphold.”