Debra Coy

Debra Coy

Senior Litigation Specialist
(615) 651-8625 x327

Whether it’s locating contractors to extract water from a gym floor or handling a personal injury claim, Debra Coy is an expert at resolving liability and property claim issues.

And as a senior claims representative for TNRMT, Debra possesses nearly 13 years of experience in handling property casualty claims for schools across the state. But’s that’s not all. She also has extensive experience in medical billing and as a paralegal.

Debra began her career at Gallagher Bassett Services as a receptionist, where she also handled property/liability claims primarily for the Tennessee School Boards Association. She was with GBS for four years before making the transition to TSBA to handle their claims in-house.

In 2004, she took a break from handling insurance claims and worked for a medical billing company while earning her master’s degree in legal administration. After graduating, she worked as a paralegal at a law firm in Alabama for six years before joining TNRMT in 2012.

“I always try to be fair, direct, and honest when I’m working with members and claimants,” said Debra. “I feel I have helped when we resolve claims quickly so there is minimal interruption in a school’s schedule or to a child’s education.”

Debra holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on insurance and finance from Middle Tennessee State University as well as a master’s degree with a focus in legal administration from Auburn University at Montgomery, where she also earned an Advanced Paralegal Certificate.


Debra grew up in a rural town in central Alabama, and she’s lived in multiple states throughout the South. In her words, it’s amazing where life takes you when you’re open to adventure.