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Prompt, accurate reporting of every claim is essential to our continued success. Industry studies have demonstrated that a timely response by the adjuster, in most instances, can aid in mitigating the cost of the claim by removing anger and frustration of the injured party. When reporting property and liability claims, report only facts involved, please do not make speculations regarding the claim. In addition, be prepared to supply additional information such as property damage estimates, police reports, photos, and any other supporting documentation.

Reporting Workers’ Compensation claims promptly is not only essential, it is the law. Tennessee State Law requires that benefits to the injured worker must begin within 20 days from the time the employer is notified of injury. Delays in reporting can result in fines of up to 20% of the benefits due. When reporting a workers’ compensation claim, please report only the information given you by the injured worker. The TNRMT adjuster will contact you to gather additional information.

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