TNRMT Safety Grant 2021

Chris Stites, Safety Engineering and Claims Management

April, 2021

We are proud to announce the Tennessee Risk Management Trust Board approved 32 applications and issued grants for more than $259,000, an eighty nine percent increase over 2019.

TNRMT Safety Grant Program had more than a twenty five percent of members participate in its third year. We received applications totaling more than $780,000 from over 50 members.

To receive a grant, it must have a direct impact on employee safety or the reduction of liability exposures. Our goal is to ensure that the funds impact safety from a proactive perspective.

TNRMT believes safety is job one. The intention of these grants is to give our members a financial opportunity to actively engineer out hazardous conditions while propagating a strong safety culture. The goal is always to reduce and eliminate workplace injuries.

Highlights of the grants approved include:

These grants should have immediate benefit to the well-being of our members and their staff. The following are our 2021 Safety Grant recipients:

The Tennessee Risk Management Trust loss control department will be delivering checks to the grant recipients as soon as possible.