TNRMT Safety Grant 2021 Reminder

Chris Stites, Safety Engineering and Claims Management

December, 2020

What is better than finally repairing or replacing a long recognized hazardous condition at your facility? HAVING SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR IT!

We remind all Members, large and small, to participate in the Safety Grant Program. The better the idea the greater the chance of an award. Lives are affected every day from inattention to the “little things”. Let us help you pay for those items to make work and the workplace a little safer.

What could be easier? Complete a Safety Grant Application, have a named Safety Coordinator, and be a Member of the Tennessee Risk Management Trust.

What are the decision-making criteria to receive a grant or scholarship for your entity?

  1. Grant requests must have a direct impact on employee safety or reduction of liability exposures. No camera or access systems will be approved.
  2. Sustainable – Must further a risk management objective.
  3. Limited Time Use items are exempt from grant funds ie… safety glasses, earplugs, cooling bands, dust masks.

The grant application will be available through December 31, 2020. The direct link to the application is

Please contact your TNRMT safety professional for questions:

Chris Stites
Middle TN

Mark Bilyeu
West TN

Jason Baggett
East TN