Schools Implement STOPit

Tom Montgomery, NGU Risk Management

March, 2016

The STOPit program has been well received since it's Tennessee launch last November. Since that date the following TNRMT member schools have signed up for STOPit.

These members are:

Thank you to all these systems that have implemented the STOPit program. The feedback we receive from these School Systems and their students is tremendous.

Dr. Drew Williams, Principal of Creek Wood High School in Charlotte, Tennessee states:

"We implemented the Stop!t program in Jan 2016. As a school we have already seen positive results:

  • provides a strong "voice" to historically marginalized students
  • mitigated several potential on-campus altercations
  • provides a conduit to speak with students anonymously regarding sensitive information
  • opened dialog with several students whom didn't know how to "start" a conversation

We are only starting to glean great benefits from the program and are excited for it to grow."

Additionally, there are several more member systems who have expressed interest and are planning to enroll in STOPit soon.

If you have questions or would like to enroll, please contact Tom Montgomery with NGU Risk Management at 615.822.5454, or by email at You can also contact STOPit directly and speak with either Jeff Mayerson ( or Maria Capone ( at 908.748.4522.

For more information about STOPit, please visit