Tornado Preparedness

Mark Bilyeu, Safety Engineer, Safety Engineering & Claims Management

March, 2015

It’s that time of the year when the grass turns green and the flowers start to bloom. After a long cold and snowy winter we all can now climb out of our homes and get some fresh air. But with all the great joys that come with spring we must also keep in mind that this is the time of year we are more likely to see severe weather. Along with April’s showers and May’s flowers comes the possibility of powerful storms that produce hail, flooding, and even tornadoes. These terrifying vortexes of fear can cause wide spread damage without mercy. As we have seen throughout history these violent storms are unpredictable, even with all of meteorology’s advancements in technology. Because these storms are so erratic we must be prepared to the best of our ability.

Tornado preparedness should be at the top of our safety list this time of year. Tornado preparedness is all about raising awareness at our places of work, at our schools, and at our homes. Just like NASA, we should have a Plan A and a Plan B.

There are some great websites that offer a full array of tornado facts, terms, plans, and kits. One of these sites is This site offers suggestions and advice on how to be prepared before, during, and after a tornado has hit. also has a “preparing a safe room” tab which goes in to detail on preparing a safe room the right way. is another great resource for tornado preparedness. They have helpful information for developing and customizing your emergency plan. These plans include checklist advice as well as a response/recovery page which covers a complete list of potential hazards associated with tornado damage as well as general safety precautions in the event of structure damage.

There is no such thing as being too prepared. In our line of work people are counting on us to keep them and their children safe. Many resources are available to us now, more so than any other time in history. Let’s be proactive and prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We can’t wait for disaster to strike and then look for a plan of action; that’s a recipe for disaster! We need to be as prepared as possible on the front end. It could literally save lives.

For more information on tornado preparedness, please explore the links below to further your preparedness during tornado season.

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