Cold Weather Preparation

Chris Stites, Safety Engineer, Loss Control Specialist, Safety Engineering & Claims Management

January, 2015

Winter is upon us!  Ready or not, freezing temperatures are here.  The forecast for this week calls for below freezing temperatures across Tennessee.  Prepare today so you can avoid injuries and other problems tomorrow.

Over the last few years, the Trust has paid out in excess of $300,000 due to winter weather.  It is of the utmost importance that plans be put in place, executed, and audited to ensure a safe well running facility during these times.  Do you have a secondary person spreading ice melt on those wet mornings when ice can form?  Here are some items that we all should consider and corresponding actions that should be taken during these winter months:

For any questions, don't hesitate to contact your loss control professional:

East TN:
Jason Baggett - (865) 850-4995

Middle & West TN:
Chris Stites - (615) 289-4101
Mark Bilyeu - (615) 210-7827