Keith Brewer, Executive Director, TOSS

November, 2009

The late Milton Berle stated, “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” John Evans and John Wilburn have built that door for school directors across the state of Tennessee. By forming a partnership with the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS), the Tennessee Risk Management Trust (Trust) and NGU Risk Management (NGU) have provided excellent insurance, affordable prices, and professional development for school districts.

The spirit of cooperation between TOSS, the Trust, and NGU has solidified the integrity of our working relationship to transform their sponsorship of our organization into a true partnership. The focus of our partnership is, not only to validate the two companies for providing you with business opportunities, but also to assure you that John Wilburn and John Evans desire a true partnership with school districts. Their partnership with you allows an active participation in controlling losses through free professional development and sharing in dividends to lower your annual premiums. Therefore, one should not mistake the Trust and NGU as vendors, but rather as partners.

The door of opportunity has now been opened again. This time the opportunity comes in the form of professional development. Fifty directors will have the opportunity to receive one day of CEO credit addressing sexual misconduct in the school district, school, and classroom. The professional development opportunity will be offered in Nashville at the Marriott Hotel on January 27, 2010. Travel and lodging reimbursement will be provided for each participant. The Trust and NGU will provide lunch and breaks.

It is my request that you consider and plan to attend this excellent day of CEO training. The day of information will provide preventative procedures to implement to prevent or to minimize sexual misconduct. The Trust will have one of their defense attorneys that will provide you an overview on the topic of sexual misconduct, the process for implementing investigative procedures, and gathering evidence to exonerate or to determine guilt.

A splendid opportunity has been given to each director in the area of school law. All partners benefit from the director’s attendance. Thus, I look forward to greeting you on January 27th.