They're Back!!

March 2007

Each year, there are a few commercial, for-profit insurance companies knocking on the door promising lower cost and better coverage for school members. Although we face competition each year, this year, it is far more intense due to the concentrated efforts of Indiana Insurance Company. Their intense marketing campaign coupled with the use of some well-known Tennessee educators as solicitors has resulted in six of our members asking for quotes after promises of lower prices. Those of you that have been around for a while remember several other commercial insurance companies trying the same thing, only to leave the State of Tennessee when they find out how difficult it is to make a profit for their stockholders while competing with the services of the TNRMT. Where are these companies now? Because of your loyalty and commitment, they have either left the state or focused on other type of business pursuits while TNRMT has continued to provide its members the best in insurance coverage, pricing and services.

For those of you who have voiced concern over TSBA’s addition of Indiana Insurance to its Business Affiliates list, let us remind you that the purchase of a business affiliate package from TSBA does not constitute an exclusive sponsorship for a vendor. The business affiliate program is open to all who meet sponsorship requirements, and the TSBA Board of Directors’, at their last meeting, invited the TNRMT to meet with them in June regarding renewing our sponsorship. We are quite confident that we will once again be a TSBA Business Affiliate.

Regardless of talk of other sponsorships or endorsements, the most important endorsement is yours, and as decision time approaches, we are asking that you endorse the Trust by renewing your membership with us. Last year, ninety-five percent of our members endorsed the program by renewing with the Trust and as we travel across the state, we hear from you that you are glad you did.

Your Risk Management Trust has served the needs of Tennessee schools for 20 years. With your commitment for renewal for the upcoming year, we can continue to offer the best coverage at the best price along with the level of service you have grown to expect.