Return-to-work benefits employer, injured employee

September, 2006

What is a Return-to-Work Program? A return-to-work (RTW) program is a proactive process used by the employer to help employees who have suffered a work-related injury or illness to return to their previous economic, social and vocational status. The goal of a RTW program is to get the injured worker back to work as quickly as possible. To accomplish this goal, it may be necessary to make a short-term modification to the work schedule or job duties to accommodate restrictions imposed by the physician.


An effective RTW program benefits both management and employees as it:

Steps to a Successful Program

For a RTW program to be successful, the employer must make a firm commitment to adopt and adhere to a RTW program and ensure that everyone involved understands their role in the RTW process.

RTW is a team effort, and requires training for employees and supervisors about what to do when an injury occurs as well as training to advise about the benefits of the return-to-work program.

Remember to report all accidents as soon as they occur. If no medical treatment is expected, simply indicate that you are reporting for records only.

Claim reporting forms can be found on the tnrmt com website. All claims should be reported electronically.

If you need additional information regarding a RTW program or wish to schedule safety training, please contact your Loss Control consultant or Claim Representative:

Jason Baggett – 865.850.4995

Chris Stites – 866.826.4274

Mark Bilyeu – 866.826.4274

TNRMT – 888.743.4336