Safety Engineer joins loss control

September, 2006

The loss control staff has a new addition. Chris Stites came aboard in June as a safety engineering consultant.

Stites has a bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health from Murray State University.

Stites had worked in the food service and woodworking industries, serving as a manufacturing plant manager, supervisor and safety manager at various times. In his five months on the job, Stites has been visiting with trust members, attending safety committee meetings, training school district employees and performing safety surveys.

In his short time, he has seen the need to increase safety awareness, “It’s one of those things that, you get in a hurry to do something and you look around the safety issue. It takes three steps to get a ladder, but instead you go for a chair… that kind of thing.”

Stites has already been impressed with the level of community preparedness in terms of emergency situations.