Trust Membership Keeps Growing

February, 2005

Four Years ago, the Risk Management Trustees were faced with a problem. Another trust, which consisted primarily of county governments, was attempting to recruit school boards into their trust. We sought to resolve the issue with the other trust but they suggested that competition would be good for both trusts. The Risk Management Trustees voted unanimously to offer membership to county governments. That experiment was so successful that our trust now has more county governments than the other trust.

The good news is that we have more members than ever before. Currently, there are 96 school boards in the Worker’s Compensation Program and 56 other governmental entities, primarily County governments. There are 103 school boards and 56 other governmental entities in the board liability (property and casualty) program. We are highly pleased with the success of the programs and the increased membership enables the Trust to negotiate much better rates than would otherwise be possible.