Diane Stinson

Finance Specialist

Tennessee Risk Management Trust

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Diane came to TNRMT in late 2020 after working in the Finance Division of the Tennessee Supreme Court for 31 years. With over 35 years of financial experience, along with her problem-solving abilities and her desire to understand all aspects of any given situation, she is the perfect fit in TNRMT’s finance department. Diane is an advocate of accuracy, process, and most importantly, compassion… traits that will serve the TNRMT Membership well.

Diane is known to have a calming influence over those around her, and that is certainly a welcome trait at TNRMT. A lifelong resident of Sumner County, a very active church member, an outdoors lover, and an avid traveler, Diane stays busy in her personal life, striking the balance between her professional duties and her personal life that we all desire. Diane is often in her garden tending to free-range chickens and if you can’t find her there, she’s teaching children’s classes at her church or traveling with her husband (married since 1987).