Alice Carnahan

Finance Specialist

Tennessee Risk Management Trust

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Reliable. Hardworking. Dedicated. That’s Alice Carnahan.

And since 1994, Alice has been serving as TNRMT’s finance specialist, where she ensures the Trust’s funds are being properly deposited and bills are being paid in addition to various other responsibilities that keep the Trust operating smoothly. It’s safe to say that Alice gracefully handles multiple tasks and projects without ever skipping a beat.

“I feel very blessed to have worked with wonderful people for more than 25 years,” said Alice, who loves helping others better their lives. “I appreciate every opportunity I have been given to grow in knowledge of what the Trust offers. I see every day how much the staff cares about helping our members.”

After graduating from Eastern Kentucky University, she worked in the South Central Bell’s treasury cashier’s office for the state of Kentucky. She then worked for the Jefferson County Board of Education’s finance department before moving to Tennessee.

Did You Know?

When it comes to college sports, Alice is a Louisville Cardinals fan through and through.