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Who We Are

Founded in 1987, the Tennessee Risk Management Trust (TNRMT) was created with a single vision in mind: Protecting the assets of public schools in Tennessee through comprehensive insurance coverage designed specifically for the needs of Tennessee’s public school systems. Over the years, TNRMT has broadened this vision to cover not only Tennessee’s educational entities, but Tennessee’s governmental entities as well. Currently, TNRMT provides liability coverages, property coverages, and worker’s compensation coverages to more than 200 governmental and educational entities in Tennessee.

TNRMT was founded during a time when there was not a viable commercial insurance product designed for public schools. Coverage offered by standard first-dollar insurance companies often carried unsuitable limits, high deductibles, limited coverage options, sub-standard claims service, and a high price tag. Generally speaking, this is still the case today.

The Trust’s success since 1987 attests to its ability to provide excellent service, comprehensive coverage, and competitive pricing. This success is reflected by the fact that the Trust provides coverage to over 80% of eligible school boards and almost 50% of the county governments in Tennessee.

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